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  • Arab Women Entrepreneurship on the Rise - #40Forward

    Last month our G+ Hangout was on women in entrepreneurship featuring U.S-based entrepreneur Rana ElKaliouby of Affectiva and Bridgette Beam of Google for Entrepreneurs. We wanted to see how our entrepreneurs could relate to this and so we continued the conversation offline. This is what Hind Hobeika, Rana El Chemaitelly and Riham Mahafzah had to say.   Hind (left), 2012 first-place winner for her innovation Instabeat, a heart rate tracking wearable technology for swimmers that was named by Forbes as one of the Hottest Global Startups for 2013. Riham (middle), 2013 third-place winner for her online platform Gallery AlSharq for Middle Eastern stock photography, who ...--N

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  • UTURN expands video platform with Yahoo Maktoob Partnership

    It was only last week that a partnership was announced between leading producer of original video content in Saudi Arabia, UTURN and Yahoo Maktoob. The beginning of April marks the launching of a new UTURN channel to be featured under Yahoo Maktoob's video platform Yahoo Screen. This will highlight UTURN's new productions throughout 2014, including leading comedy series, a library of UTURN's best video content, as well as exclusive content that includes behind the scenes videos. UTURN is rapidly growing with 35 million monthly viewers today. Kaswara Al Khatib, Chairman and CEO of UTURN, estimates that the partnership will add 2-3 ...--N

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  • AdvanTag: Redefining Customer-Loyalty

    When Adam El Daba launched his own restaurant, he realized the importance of segmenting the low-spending customers from the high-spending customers, and offering them rewards relatively. “The whole point of the loyalty program is to actually build that loyalty,” says El Daba, “Once I know that a customer is a high-spending customer, giving him a 5 percent discount might actually turn him off.” He noticed that the generally-used points system could not help him acknowledge his customers who visited more often and had a bigger influence but spent small amounts each time; he had to rely on memorizing their faces. Based on his ...--N

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  • The Future of Technology: a “Golden Age” of Entrepreneurship?

    What direction are we taking with the future of technology, and what are we expecting out of the next 10 years? Some entrepreneurs might say that we’re advancing in industries such as hardware, while others would emphasize on e-commerce and communication. So what industry would entrepreneurs benefit mostly from with an advanced technology, 10 years down the road? “All of them,” says Christopher Schroeder who has extensively travelled around the globe to meet entrepreneurs and learn about their innovations, and has lately written “Startup Rising” about entrepreneurs in the Middle East, “Almost every company is a tech company in some form whether ...--N

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  • Roadshows in the Arab Region
    On: February 12th 2014
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  • The First Arab Pavilion at LeWeb Paris'13: Day 2
    On: December 11th 2013
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Meet Nebny Foundation: 2nd team to qualify for the Social Entrepreneurship Prize of the 7th MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition

  Upon the qualification of Nebny Foundation to the Social Entrepreneurship Prize of the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition, in partnership with ALJ Community Initiatives, we had the chance to quickly chat with Jawad Nabulsi, CEO of Nebny Foundation. Jawad sits on the board of the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC)and is also the youngest board member of the prestigious Egyptian Water Regulatory Agency, where he administers investments, and is constantly working on innovative solutions for water purification. Jawad utilized social media to raise awareness and persuade others to participate in his ambitious fight for improvement. Also on the Nebny Foundation team ...--N

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