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AMIICA the smart and safe headphones

AMIICA the smart and safe headphones



Pivoted into a new startup

Launched in 2018







BloomMasters Second Edition 2018

1st Runner Up

Ideas Track


BloomMasters Second Edition 2018: Ideas Track - 1st Runner Up


If you are a runner, cyclist, or simply use headphones while crossing the street, you can’t imagine how dangerous these headphones, They obscured the external noise of traffic and especially sound warnings such as car alarms …, and they make walkers deaf and distracting concentration ; she is the reason to don’t sense the dangers that surround us. According to researchers, the Inability to hear outside sounds was the cause of the accident. For example, in Qatar, 29% of road accident caused by the used of ordinary headphones, some country like United Stat, Australia and Canada make penalty on the use of headphone on roads. For this reason we invented the smart and safe headphones. With this invention there will not be a problem anymore, and we can listen to music and stay at the same time aware of our environment and respond to the dangers around us. The principal idea was to cut music to allow the user to hear outside sounds and to establish it after a while (adjustable) like Knock on the door, horn, baby screaming at home and danger alarm in work place.

Team members

Wael Belhaj

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