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Container Culturel / Artistes Sans Frontières

Container Culturel / Artistes Sans Frontières

Media and Audio Visual Arts






BloomMasters First Edition 2017

Social Entrepreneurship Track


BloomMasters First Edition 2017: Social Entrepreneurship Track


Artists Sans Frontières - Tunisia is a cultural association composed by artists passionate about the cultures of the world. Since 2012 our team organizes Artistic Residences and exchanges between foreign and local artists. The residence covers a series of stages in the cultural industry: Training: Theoretical exchange between groups. Creation: Fusion of musical influences & creation of composition. Production: This is the audiovisual production of the composition, exchange on musical practices between countries. Diffusion: Organization of a live concert to present the new born project and also the musical culture of the invited foreign band. Our mission is to democratize access to the world's cultures for the local public with a low budget. As a solution, we are working on the creation of the Cultural Container, a shared work space with shared resources inspired by the cultural spaces realized with used materials in Africa and Latin America. The construction of the space will be realized with maritime containers Which will further optimize the investment cost in order to optimize production costs. We will also optimize by centralizing and sharing locally the physical, human and digital resources with the different local cultural actors in order to achieve more cultural service for a wider target audience.

Team members

Malek Maazoun
Teia ene

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