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DLOC Biosystems

DLOC Biosystems



Still operating

Launched in 2017







Arab Startup Competition Twelfth Edition 2019

2nd Runner Up

Ideas Track


Arab Startup Competition Twelfth Edition 2019: Ideas Track - 2nd Runner Up


DLOCplate is a drug discovery platform. The device programs cells to behave as they would do inside the human body, so drugs are tested on the device before testing on live patients. This technology allows scientists to run in vitro experiments in ‘3D circular channels’, which morphologically resemble live human tissues and organs. In traditional drug discovery devices, experiments are conducted in 2D flat sheets (Petri dishes). DLOCplate allows cells to adhere, grow and reorganize themselves to form 3D circular channels. With a unique design, several types of cells can simultaneously be grown in a coordinated manner to recapitulate the microstructure of human organs. DLOCplate allows scientists to understand how diseases, like cancer, develop inside the human body without having to adopt trial-and-error to measure the efficacy of each treatment.

Team members

Daniel Farhat / Co-Founder and research assistant
Waddah Malaeb / Co-founder

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