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Cup- Coffee Utilization Products

Cup- Coffee Utilization Products



Still operating

Launched in 2019







Arab Startup Competition Fourteenth Edition 2021


Social Entrepreneurship Track


Arab Startup Competition Fourteenth Edition 2021: Social Entrepreneurship Track - Finalist


Cup is an Agri-tech and Waste Management startup based in Egypt that builds a waste collection system to collect the spent coffee ground ”SCG”, to maximize value out of it by reusing it to develop, and empower solutions for the Agri-sector. We developed a high efficient Agri-solution to cultivate mushrooms using the spent coffee ground as the main soil. In the meantime, we are working on the Research and development vertical, and horizontal which means we are developing new mushroom strains to offer to the market and developing new Agri-solutions out of the spent coffee ground to the Agri-sector in Egypt and the MENA region.

Current market

Team members

Abdulrhman Elhalafawy / Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Mohamed Abdelgawad / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mahmoud Tohamy / Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Thouraia Fares / Social Media Manager
Moataz Sherief / Financial Analysist

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  • 2019 - Savour Venture - $100,000
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