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Arab Startup Competition Fourteenth Edition 2021


Social Entrepreneurship Track


Arab Startup Competition Fourteenth Edition 2021: Social Entrepreneurship Track - Winner


Agrona is a B2B innovating company working on green based composites. Agrona is offering its new technology in manufacturing composite panels such as particleboard (PB) and MDF panels which is distinguished by its low price and wide range of applications in either industrial or furniture usages.
Our new technology solves the problems of most of the challenges that faces global particleboard manufacturers such as cutting forests to produce particleboard, and the high energy consumed in drying the wood chips which increases the production cost also the gas emissions from the carcinogenic resins.
Agrona is adapting a technology that enables to use vegetable crops residues in the operations that has low moisture content and high fiber ratio hence save 30 % of the production cost and maintains the forest. Agrona is a mission driven company; existed to help the environment and the society by using the unutilized agro-residues that is usually burnt in farms or disposed

Team members

Mohamad ElKafafy / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Esmail Jamal / Business Development
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