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Arab Startup Competition Fourteenth Edition 2021


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Arab Startup Competition Fourteenth Edition 2021: Startups Track - Finalist


Aqses, developed by RoboAds, is a communication and collaboration platform that offers access to chat and video teleconferencing. Users at different locations can hold face-to-face meetings via digital signage screens.. Ex: A digital signage screen can be placed at the mall, the promoter can work from home, connect to the screen and have a two way video call with passing by clients. Our world is changing faster than ever before. We are constantly urged to communicate faster, collaborate faster, while maintaining a high level of efficiency and focus. Exponential data increase and acceleration have become a challenge in today's connected world. Too many messages and too many contacts tend to create anxiety, frustration, and confusion. Aqses is a new generation communication and collaboration platform that offers access to chat, audio, and video teleconferencing in an easy and effective way. It has been designed from the ground up to simplify how we receive and view messages. With multiple ways to view contacts and messages, our chat messenger is sure to skyrocket the productivity of everyday messaging around the globe.

Team members

Faysal ELChamaa / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Sanyal Raj / Developer/Programmer
Tanya Sainani / Business Development
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