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Synapse Analytics

Synapse Analytics

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Arab Startup Competition Fourteenth Edition 2021


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Arab Startup Competition Fourteenth Edition 2021: Startups Track - Finalist


We believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence to create a more abundant and prosperous world. We are an artificial intelligence company, working towards making A.I accessible to every business out there. In the recent excitement for Artificial Intelligence and its applications, AI was met with its greatest challenge for achieving its full potential, that is adoption. When it comes to a business deploying an AI, the project requires multi-displinary collaboration between, the business Manager, owning the business case, who is usually outcasted during the building process, and when it comes to Adopting the deployed algorithm, they have so little means to really adopt AI, they have no control over it, and lack a clear KPI framework to measure the impact .The data scientist who is great at building models, yet is no software engineer, and the Application/IT manager, who is responsible for the company’s technology enviroment and needs to maintain a secure and highly accessible technology enviroment. Unfortunately, this causes 90% of ML projects in businesses fail to be adopted according to Gartner. Not to mention that retraining and managing the AI lifecycle takes a lot of friction, that can completely hold up the deployed algorithm for weeks, putting mission critical AI applications at risk. This is why we built Konan. Konan is a Machine Learning Opertionalization platform, that enables high automation of the ML pipeline, making a business to go from data to AI in a few Hours, A process that traditionally can take anywhere from one month to a year plus. Business users will have the ability to continuously measure the business impact, control the deployed algorithm, and have full explainability of their deployed models, so as to adopt AI easily and understand the reasoning behind the different predictions. While data scientist can quickly build algorithms, and create different experiment with live access to application databases in a secured and contained environment. Furthermore, the application manager can monitor system load, usability of the algorithms, and ensure full GDPR compliance with the data being used. Synapse Analytics currently employs more than 40 engineers, data scientists and industry experts, including PhDs, MScs and consultants to help make Konan the go to tool for building any AI for business, thus making AI accessible. By May, we will reach the $30K MRR, making us break-even and we look at a TAM of $40M USD in Egypt, Saudi and UAE by 2025. The price of Konan starts at $2,000 per deployed usecase. We see that Konan will be the go to tool for any AI deployment in the region, and will enable businesses to witness first hand AI impact in no time.


Ahmed Abaza

Ahmed Abaza


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Galal ElBeshbishy / Co-founder

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