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Arab Startup Competition Thirteenth Edition 2020


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Arab Startup Competition Thirteenth Edition 2020: Ideas Track - Semi-finalist


1 million lives are lost every year due to counterfeit medicine. Due to lack of information and connectivity between parties, the supply chain has become a burden to manage not only for stakeholders but also for the government. With no transparent view of production, sales and circulation of goods in the country, the government faces many challenges which result not being able to prevent these deaths that could’ve been avoided. A recall of medicine takes months which has not been improved for the past 60 years. A patients, hospitals and pharmacies may not even know when medicines are recalled. Just as counterfeit, expired and recalled medicine impose a huge threat to the society, shortage of medicine is also another challenge that is faced in the healthcare industry. Using the latest advances in technology, we have figured out a way to prevent these unfortunate deaths by working together with government and stakeholders. Our solution ‘BLOCKSupplAI’, creates a regulated network backed by a permissioned blockchain which allows trusted stakeholders to carry out their business processes with ease while allowing the government to control and monitor stakeholders and medicine. Unique identifiers like barcodes/QR/RFID placed at the time of production allows medicines to be tracked and traced throughout the whole supply chain. BLOCKSupplAI not only connects these stakeholders but also provide various services to them. The procurement process has been substantially improved with our recommender system which is backed by a machine learning. With the recommender in place considering delivery and better saving, best suited manufactures/distributors are recommended according to the demands of retailer. BLOCKSupplAI made recalling of medicine convenient and fast up to a point where it is only a click of a button. BLOCKSupplAI predicts demands for retailers and manufacturers by considering various elements including diseases in different geolocations hence no overproduction nor shortage. Most importantly, our system is developed to a point where the network is ready to be launched as a pilot for supply chain management.

Current market


Sahan Ratnayake

Sahan Ratnayake

Blockchain Solutions Architect

Team members

Ibrahim Motiwala / Blockchain Smart Contract Engineer
Hareem Fatima / AI - Machine Learning Developer
Mehvish Fatima / AI - Machine Learning Developer
Adam Liwal Khan / Fullstack Engineer

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