Startup founders rally amid COVID-19 pandemic

There’s only one way to describe how we are feeling about the ongoing efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 and support front-liners: impressed. Our community of innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world continues to prove that they are thrifty and innovative as they have come up with numerous solutions on many levels. When we first offered blog as a platform to promote ongoing initiatives and donation campaigns, we genuinely did not expect the flood of emails that we got, and for that we THANK YOU.

Check out the first list that came out here

Below you will find an updated list of ongoing programs and initiatives that are run by our community:

Cherpa is an online platform that provides schools with educational content to introduce 21st-century skills in their curriculum. They are currently offering a free Cyber Security online course for students. Also, they are supporting schools use various online tools to give their courses online (

Feel22 is an online beauty and cosmetics platform that will be selling hand sanitizers with all proceeds going to support the Lebanese Red Cross’s efforts to provide medical care to patients around Lebanon.

The GIS Center at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Balamand has developed ‘HAYATI App’. HAYATI collects data at the individual level to build a comprehensive database that is geo-located. The collected data allows the fast screening and tracking of potential COVID-19 cases. It also identifies people with high risks (elderlies, pregnant women, people with low immunity, people with chronic diseases, etc…) living in near proximity to potential COVID-19 cases.

Djaty eliminates the communication between app testers and developers, regarding reporting problems or bugs. Djaty enables testers to create a fully informative bug report within seconds, attached to it, server logs, and the root cause of the problem. CEOs, managers, and clients can also use the tool to accurately report the bugs with simple few steps and without additional communication. They will be giving full-access for the next 3 months.

Vexls is helping startup founders and SMEs fulfill their own Arabic graphic design needs during the ongoing pandemic. Whether it was a landing page, business cards, or social media posts, the platform empowers founders to design their own visuals through a drag-and-drop platform. They are providing all these designs for one month free by using promo code stayathome.

Droobi for Coronavirus is a free mobile application developed by Droobi to raise awareness among the population in Qatar including workers, keeping our community informed, healthy, and safe. Droobi Corona app will be implemented in several languages, developed for an easy, interactive, convenient, and user-friendly journey. Droobi will aim to increase user awareness by simplified education materials and accurate updates from reliable sources, as well as daily notification and reminders of useful tips and an assessment tool for symptoms and risks.

Mashora App, the mentorship and consultation platform for entrepreneurs, will be providing pro bono mentorship sessions as a matter of commitment from their end towards the SMEs and entrepreneurs. The app allows users to provide mentorship/consultations to mentees through video/audio calls or chat.

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