Meet Startup Competition 2022’s semifinalists!

The wait is finally over. After 3 months of submissions and thousands of applications, MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab and MITEF Saudi Arabia are proud to announce the names of the 60 semifinalist teams from all over the Arab World who have qualified to advance to the next round.

The Startup Competition pins the applicants in 3 different tracks: Startups Track, Ideas Track, and Social Entrepreneurship Track.

The journey for these semifinalists has only just begun. After going through the first round of judging where each application was reviewed by at least 2 expert judges, who evaluated based on team strength, innovation, financial sustainability, scalability, and social impact for the Social Entrepreneurship track, these teams will attend our signature 2-day intensive Bootcamp that is specifically designed to enhance their startups and prepare them for the next rounds of judging.

The Bootcamp, which will take place in Taibah University in Al Madina Al Munawara, is customized for each of the three tracks and covers topics that include but are not limited to scaling businesses, validating their business models, value propositions, customer journey mapping, fundraising, and pitching.

After receiving the training, all 60 teams will pitch to the Round 2 judges who will in turn select the finalist teams that will compete and pitch to the 3rd and final round of judges to win in their respective tracks.

will announce the winners of this year’s competition by the end of the Start Smart conference that will be taking place on the 23rd of February 2022. Meanwhile, meet this year’s 60 semifinalists:

Meet the Ideas Track semifinalists for Startup Competition 2022:

  • Hexafresh, from Lebanon.
  • Holexp, from Lebanon.
  • Ajjerni, from Lebanon.
  • FitChain, from Lebanon.
  • NIUTS LAB, from Sudan.
  • PRENG, from Egypt.
  • NanoGuard, from Egypt.
  • Pine Tech, from the Syrian Arab Republic.
  • Mawsuah, from Jordan.
  • Green Gold, from Jordan.
  • Arenzy, from Morocco.
  • Diwama LTD, from the United Arab Emirates.
  • Tete, from Palestine.
  • Hippocrate ORG, from Tunisia.
  • Pure Planet Company for the manufacturing of renewable energy devices, from Jordan.
  • After11, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • OrgsEnergy, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Torod, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Rymotely, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Ebram, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Meet the Startup Track semifinalists for Startup Competition 2022:

Meet the Social Entrepreneurship Track semifinalists for Startup Competition 2022:

The winners of the competition will be announced during the Startsmart Conference which will take place at King Salman Convention Center in the Holy city of Al Madina Al Munawar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on February 23, 2022.

We wish all our semifinalist teams the best of luck in their journey.

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