The second edition of 'Innovation Forum' featured a discussion panel about Industry 4.0, which brought Dr. Khaled Elmufti, Muhammad Qureshi, Arun Bruce, Gary Chandler. The dialogue mainly revolved about how Industry 4.0 has the potential to revolutionize tomorrow’s factory lines, which in turn would cut costs, increase productivity, and achieve a higher level of compliance. Arun Burce of BCG commented that "startups must think less of the tech, and more about the solution they are bringing to the user." #IF2018 #TechWeekBH

Panel Highlights:

  • What is Industry 4.0: simplifying the terminology
  • Fact checking: where do we stand today on I 4.0
  • Barriers and challenges to Industry 4.0 adoption: Corporates VS Startups
  • Best measures to digital twinning: Buy, develop in house, or partner
  • Building an IoT ecosystem in a corporate environment vs in startups
  • Post transformation: best approaches to leveraging on the data
  • Tapping on digital transformations and the human element

Speakers on this panels:

  • Dr. Khaled Elmufti, Chairman and CEO of Tatweer Research. Khaled Elmufti is an exceptional leader, combining entrepreneurial and academic excellence with outstanding economic and policy achievements at the highest level. A pioneer of civil reconstruction in modern Libya.
  • Muhammad Qureshi, Project Director with Bahrain EDB: With over 20+ years of international experience gained from Asia, Australia, CIS, Europe, Middle East, North America and the UK, Muhammad has driven multi-million-dollar transformation programmes across a range of industries. He’s passionate about helping businesses unlock value by harnessing disruptive technologies. Now with EDB to drive an Industry 4.0 initiative, Muhammad has previously worked in Financial Services, dot com Tech firms, a range of consulting environments with The Office of Tony Blair, Booz & Co., Capgemini Consulting and more recently with United Arab Shipping Company as their Global Head of Project Management.
  • Arun Bruce, Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group (Dubai): Arun Bruce joined The Boston Consulting Group in July 2003. Arun heads the operations practice area within BCG Middle East and is part of the European Operations leadership team. Arun has spent the best part of the last 15 years advising clients in S. Asia, Europe, Middle East on topics of operational effectiveness and performance improvement. Arun is an expert in Industry 4.0 and lean manufacturing. He has worked across industries tracking the development of Industry 4.0, and advising clients on how to best positon their companies to take advantage of it.
  • Gary Chandler, Commercial Director at QiO: Gary Chandler is Commercial Director at QiO, a fast-growing Industry 4.0 software company that provides customers with advanced analytical applications to unlock trapped productivity and improve safety. His passion is in exploring how recent Industry 4.0 software technology advances can help industrial engineers to explore and experiment with data from any source, to create predictive models and derive insights to drive better business outcomes across the entire lifecycle of a product.

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