Hub71 MENA Growth Competition 2.0 Finalists

After receiving hundreds of applications from the pool of Arab Startup Competition alumni of the past 3 editions, we finally have the names of the 10 finalists who will officially be in line to compete in the second edition of ‘Hub71 MENA Growth Competition, powered by MITEF Pan Arab.’

The competition officially launched in April 2020 as a fully-digital program that is designed to attract the best and brightest founders from around the world to set up and grow their businesses right from the heart of Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious tech ecosystem: Hub71.

To be eligible for the competition, potential candidates had to be alumni from the past 3 editions of MITEF’s Arab Startup Competition, be ready to relocate/expand to Abu Dhabi, built a team of at least two members, operating for at least one year with a working product or service, secured funding, generated revenues, and developed an innovative technology product or service.

The winners will benefit from an attractive incentive package offered by Hub71, which includes subsidized housing, medical insurance, and working space, in addition to many in-kind benefits like networking and connections to a global network of investors.

The finalists will all remotely pitch to the judges, who will select the winners on June 1, 2020.

The demo day and announcement of the winners will take place during an online demo day on June 1 starting at 4 PM UAE time. Book your place now.

The finalists of the Hub71 MENA Growth Competition 2.0 powered by MITEF Pan Arab are: (the names are listed in no particular order):

  1. Praxilabs (Egypt) Edtech: PraxiLabs aims to provide equal opportunity for an enhanced STEM education for students everywhere by providing 3D interactive virtual simulations of science labs that are accessible, usable, and affordable for educational institutions and students alike.
  2. Basma (Lebanon) Healthtech: Crystalign Technology is a medical device company that is changing lives through better smiles. They re-imagine and reinvent the way orthodontic and restorative treatment is presented and delivered to thousands of people around the world through their network of Crystalign-trained doctors.
  3. Trella (Egypt) Logistics: Trella is a technology platform that connects shippers to carriers in the widely fragmented freight industry with a mission to induce structure with a goal of improving efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.
  4. Augmental (Lebanon) Edtech: Augmental adaptive learning provides complementary online tools to class curriculum and provides educators access to student progress enabling them to customize their learning material. Each student's learning is self-directed through an immersive experience according to their unique needs.
  5. Singularity Computing (Algeria) Digital technology: Singularity Computing is an innovative company that develops and provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of computational modeling, computer-aided engineering (CAE), engineering simulation, high performance computing (HPC) and engineering intelligence (EI)™.
  6. Tawazon (Palestine) Healthtech: Tawazon is the First Meditation, Mindfulness & Sleep App in Arabic worldwide. Tawazon seeks to improve the daily life of the Arab person & families by providing daily, short, and scientifically proven meditation sessions.
  7. Nakheel (Bahrain) Agritech: Nakheel is building an IoT-based solution to enable the early detection of Red Palm Weevil in palm tree farms so that farmers can take early action and limit the spread of the weevil.
  8. arabee (UAE) Edtech: ‘arabee’ is a multi-format Arabic language program for teaching Arabic to children aged 3-12 years. The program focuses on teaching all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. arabee caters to all types of learners, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, reading and writing exercises.
  9. Widebot (Egypt) Digital Technologies: WideBot is the first Arabic-focused bot builder platform that gives a tool to businesses in MENA to build smart chatbots without coding in a few minutes.
  10. Mint Basil Market (Lebanon) Ecommerce: Mint Basil Market is on a mission to make healthy living easy and accessible to all. Mint Basil Market works with a community of health experts to curate unique content and a wide-collection of healthy and natural products, including food, natural beauty and cosmetics, and eco-friendly household cleaning products to help their customers make more informed purchasing decisions.

Congratulations to all the teams who have made it to the final round of judging!

Register today to attend the demo day on June 1 starting at 4 PM UAE time! For tickets and more info, please visit:

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