During the 5th edition of MITEF’s Silicon Valley Program, all participating entrepreneurs met with investors, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs from around the world.

Among those is Dr. Ossama Hassanein, a veteran entrepreneur, mentor, and venture capitalist, who has managed over $1 billion of international technology funds within diverse leadership roles.

He was chairman or cofounder of seven high technology startups in the US, UK, France and Switzerland, all leading to acquisitions or being listed on the stock exchange market. Currently, he is chairman of the Rising Tide Fund, director of Bank of the West, and a charter member of TechWadi and the C100 - Silicon-Valley based associations dedicated to mentoring and angel financing promising entrepreneurs.

Dr. Hassanein is the Willard Brown distinguished visiting professor at the AUC School of Business. He also lectured on Management Science at Stanford University, and on international business at UC Berkeley. He was also a guest speaker on entrepreneurship in the White House, the State Department, the Commonwealth Club, MIT, Harvard University, and Qatar Computer Research Institute.

Dr. Hassanein addressed the entrepreneurs during the second day of the program when they had been receiving a series of workshops and training sessions. He went over his personal background and professional career, inspiring all the attendees to overcome all difficulties they might face in their entrepreneurial journey and to seek help when needed.

We were able to ask him a few questions about the role of diaspora and such induction programs for MENA-based entrepreneurs.

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