During our recent conference and award ceremony for the 12th edition of the Arab Startup Competition, we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Teresa Escrig on the topic of artificial intelligence, machine learning, transparency, and biases.

In this brief conversation with Dr. Escrig we discussed the need to reeducate people on how to use AI effectively and safely, in a way they become productive members of the digital society rather than passive consumers. Also, Dr. Escrig warned of the dangers of 'black-box' machine learning algorithms which exacerbate human biases that are embedded within the technologies (data sets), and therefore called for more transparent practices.

Dr. Escrig is an AI expert with over 25 years of distinguished accomplishments in the field. Also, she has been founder and CEO of two startups( Cognitive Robots S.L. and Qualitative Artificial Intelligence QAI), lead creator of four products from concept to delivery, head of a research group, author of 100+ peer-reviewed research articles, 4 books, and several awards, including the National Prize on Science and Technology.

If you’re interested in AI transparency and application, you can register to our upcoming webinar on Wednesday May 8 starting 6:00 PM (Beirut time), where she will deliver it to our community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and technologists.

You can register (free) by clicking HERE

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