"We are looking for reasons to believe and reasons to trust", opens Tarek Fahim of Endure Capital replying to the moderator's question on what Silicon Valley investors are looking for in the MENA. The panel discussion brought together Fahim and Sharif El Badawi of 500 Startups to answer a selection of pressing questions by moderator Sharifa AlBarami, Managing Director at Oman Technology Fund.

Fahim continues to explain that investors are looking for startups they believe will go big and founders they can trust.

AlBarami proceeds to ask the panelists on what advantages do they think Arab startups have over others, and to that the answer was resilience and opportunity.

Fahim explains that Arab entrepreneurs have been working in tough conditions which required them to be resilient and resourceful while other entrepreneurs have it easy. In addition, El Badawi explains that today's innovators are part of a third wave, "which involves industries that are not tech enabled and bring them technology and innovation to make them more efficient".

The discussion was concluded with a quick round of questions to which Fahim and Al Badawi answer as follows:

Most Over-hyped Industries: fintech and on demand

Most Under-hyped Industries: healthcare and government

Desired changes in the VC world: more transparency and ease of use for entrepreneurs

Watch the video for more highlights.

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