First Edition Winners

First Edition Winners

The MITEF Pan Arab announced 7 winners for the first edition in 2016 who were awarded over 150,000 USD in cash awards as well as mentorship and coaching.


Boloro & BanQu: Based in Jordan; they bring financial inclusion and economic opportunity solutions for refugees and extreme poverty populations by establishing a strategic partnership between BanQu and Boloro Global Limited.


Change Water Labs: Based in the United States; they address basic sanitary issues faced by refugees by offering a revolutionary evaporative toilet that is low-cost, compact, stand-alone solution for off-grid and informal dwellings, which rapidly “flushes” away 85-90% of daily household sewage volumes.


Evaptainers: Based in Morocco; they offer mobile  and modular evaporative coolers, the world’s first mobile “zero-energy” refrigeration, that can triple or quadruple the shelf-life of most products.


LEDLife: Based in Switzerland; They developed a low-cost, fun and easy method to make DIY solar LED lamps using recycled materials


Natakallam: Based in the United States; It is a platform that provides employment opportunities to Syrian refugees, as Arabic conversation partners, for Arabic students around the world.


Open Embassy: Based in the Netherlands; It is an online helpdesk that enables status holders (refugees with a permit) to ask questions about their integration process in a privacy proof private chatroom.Thus, Open Embassy develops an FAQ and a smart wiki, and feeds back the lessons learnt to local governments and NGOs to help them ameliorate integration policies.

Recycle Beirut: Based in Lebanon; It is a social business combining two problems, the refugee crisis and the waste crisis, into a single solution. The company employs refugees at a living wage to pick up, sort, and process recyclables for the greater Beirut area.