The second edition of 'Innovation Forum' featured a discussion panel about Blockchain and its promise to reinvent traditional economies across the world.

Highlights of panel:

  • New applications of cryptocurrencies
  • Legal, regulatory and compliance implications of Blockchain
  • How IoT and blockchain work together to leverage the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain protocol for building large class decentralized applications
  • Public vs private blockchain: How to best leverage the involvement of the enterprise sector
  • Security limitations of blockchain

Speakers on the panel:

  • Bashar Lazaar, Director of Operations MENA at Consensys: Upon graduating from Babson College with a B.Sc., Bashar has focused his early career in structuring energy projects across the Middle East and North Africa combining knowledge in finance and renewable energies to deliver financial engineering for utility scale PV & Wind power plant development in the MENA region. While employed at SunEdison, Bashar took a keen interest in Ethereum Blockchain's potential implementation within the energy sector, and made a shift to ConsenSys, where he contributed to launching its MENA operation and establishing the Dubai office.
  • Waheed Barghouthi, CEO of Dakwak: Waheed Barghouthi, a technology entrepreneur with solid software engineering background, has been involved in several startups creation during the past decade. Startups he worked on during that period including but not limited to, dakwak a SaaS website translation and localization platform.
  • Kubilay Ekmekci, VP of Sales MEA at Krontech: Mr. Ekmekci began his career 1999, as a Software Engineer and held positions as Software Architect and Team Leader for multiple projects at Alcatel-Lucent, Turkcell and TurkTelekom.In 2009 he successfully transitioned his technical expertise to International Sales and Business Development in the CIS Region. In 2016 Mr. Ekmekci joined a startup company as an Entrepreneur & Managing Director and expanded its services internationally, particularly in the Middle East Region, before successfully “exiting”.
  • Philipp Langhans, Software Engineer at Ethereum: Philipp Langhans is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He is working for the Ethereum Foundation since early 2018; is based in Berlin; and his work involves client security, browser technology and the vetting of grant applications.

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