Semi-Finalist teams

Startups Track

Project Name Country Project Summary
agrimatic Egypt Agrimatic reduces the consumpton of water and electricity in the soilless agriculture in addition to boosting the production per unit area.
Akalati Bahrain Single focal point ‘’Marketplace’’ where customers have variety of options to arrange and customize all their catering services and event requirements.
Appsnsites Tunisia Developing intuitive and functionality-rich chatbots platform valid for any kind of retailer, any traffic volume and any business rule.
Brimore Egypt Creating online platform using direct selling trade channel for FMCG.
Caminnov Tunisia Developed a modified camelid single-domain antibodies to target some receptors playing a role in diabetes.
CarePassport Egypt Developed a universal patient engagement app that enables patients to register to their hospitals.
Conative-labs Egypt Conative Labs helps aquaculture to control water quality conditions through real time water quality monitoring
and alarming based on Internet of things to make it easier and faster to take decision
and make the best use of resources.
CyberTalents Egypt A platform that ranks cyber security professionals across the world depending on their real hands on technical skills.
iBoat Saudi Arabia Smartphones App which utilizes every single feature of a Smartphone, Throw iBOAT you can Rent a Boat / Yacht for your off shore trip, As well as the boats / yachts owners they can offer their vessels on the platform
JFuel Egypt Produces alternative fuels that can be sued in conventional engines, improving engine lifetime and reducing carbon emissions.
Jibber Jabber United Arab Emirates An A.I. calendar that compiles bulk schedules of students instantly.
Madad Services LLC Saudi Arabia A platform that connects suppliers and manufacturers with hotels, restaurants and cafes.
MenaBIM Jordan Provides a cloud based gateway for construction manufacturers and brands to promote their latest products, systems and technologies online.
Moneyfellows Egypt Money Fellows enables peers to join money circles together from beyond their social graph, while enabling them to climb our money fellows scoring ladder.
Moodfit Lebanon Moodfit is the 1st online interior design platform in the region, connecting clients who want to furnish their house or office with professional freelance interior designers to offer them an affordable and a 100% online service.
Nashmi Services Saudi Arabia A network that mimics friends' and family's support and help.
Nitrate Production System Jordan A device capable of creating fertilizer from air utilizing solar energy.
NOW Money United Arab Emirates NOW Money (NOW) provides an app based solution to include low-income migrant workers who are ineligible for bank accounts into the financial system for the first time.
Prefabulous Tunisia System that allows people to create buildings that through time can evolve and expand with their needs and desires.
RadiologyOne Algeria A web application of tele-expertise and remote diagnostics, it provides a secure transfer, exchange and remote viewing of the patients' radiological records.
RIEGO Lebanon RIEGO allows farmers to reduce water consumption, giving crops the specific amount they need, which infers a further reduction in energy, fertilisers consumption, and CO2 emissions.
Sciencia Tunisia Offers the structure, the knowledge and the equipment to science passionate to learn, practice and enjoy sciences and promote the scientific awakening of the new generation.
Susurrus United Arab Emirates Susurrus matches those well known brands to the right target audience and recommends a set of influencers that meet the criteria who eventually market the brand to the right category of audience.
Teletera Jordan A videoconferencing platform that utilizes an adaptation algorithm and uses the cloud to change the video quality according to the network condition.
triptab Egypt Multi-sided platform that provides travel agencies with a back-end that allows them to offer their customers online booking.
TruKKer Technologies DMCC United Arab Emirates brings the information about truck availability and rates to hands of the individuals or businesses in real time through the website or TruKKer iOS and Android apps.
TWASSol Egypt Facilitates planning and optimization of wireless indoor networks.
VOTEK United Arab Emirates Loujee the product of VOTEK combines the tedious task of teaching with pure joy and entertainment. Loujee keeps children focused
and makes learning fun.
قوت Sudan A mobile application that removes all the intermediates and gives you the chance to buy all your food needs with low prices.

Social Entrepreneurship Track

Project Name Country Project Summary
Alrawi Media W.L.L (“Rawi”) Bahrain Provide accessibility to books and cultural content to improve readership of books in the Arab world by creating the largest interactive audio-book library in Arabic.
Banafsajeel Saudi Arabia Banafsajeel is an art and design platform that facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement. Its latest initiative - Studio Al-Hai – focuses on
creative urban regeneration in older neighborhoods.
Bassita, Clickfunding Egypt Clickfunding allows social media users to contribute to positive change in their communities at no cost, simply through the click of a mouse or tap of a screen
Carpolo Lebanon Carpolo is a platform that promotes carpooling between community members using a mobile app and analytic tools. Carpolo will become the search engine for unused car space by enabling users to share their empty car seats through a gamified incentive system. Carpolo, increases car occupancy rates by matching drivers with empty car seats and passengers heading in the same direction.
Eco-Heat Morocco A non-electrical slow cooker bag that saves up to 30% of cooking gas and up to 55% of wood.
Eko-Geste Dari / Kilimanjaro Environnement Morocco An integrated collaborative platform that connects households to waste recycling industrials via an uberised logistics network and rewards their eko-acts via a loyalty scheme financed by FMCG brands.
Evaptainers Morocco Evaptainers are the world’s first mobile “zero-energy” refrigeration systems (cooling systems that require no external electricity) that are ideal for low-income
FORSA Jordan Through FORSA, users from diverse backgrounds follow their passions, improve their economic profile and increase their employment opportunities.
Kiliim Egypt Kiliim is an online store and lifestyle brand that aims to revive and sustain the heritage of handmade kilim making by offering our customers traditionally crafted kilim products yet designed with modern motifs and colors to suit contemporary homes.
Mind Rockets inc. Jordan Mind Rockets developed the technology to interpret text/speech to sign language using animated avatars.
NaTakallam Lebanon Recruits and trains primarily Syrian and Iraqi refugees to become language partners and tutors over Skype.
qbit Lebanon Brings together blood donors and patients in need at the click of a button.
Smart Labour United Arab Emirates Aims at making the two million blue-collar workers in the UAE educated, happier, smarter and more productive.
Tadweer Saudi Arabia Tadweer is a start-up company that is aimed to build a factory to convert food waste into compost
The AJALA Project United Arab Emirates The AJALA Project provides an innovative art platform to connect social impact change makers with artists and uses art to raise awareness and support for these social causes
Trusted Ability Lebanon An online and offline platform offering hourly care-giving services to individuals with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages.
WATECH Morocco Improve the quality of life in small communities by promoting the concepts of decentralized wastewater management and by strengthening local capacity for the management, operation and implementation of sanitation facilities.
WATER Labs Egypt change: WATER Labs aims to increase access to safe, dignified toilets through our work to develop a revolutionary evaporative (“self-flushing”) toilet that shrinks off-grid sewage
volumes onsite by 90-95%

Ideas Track

Project Name Country Project Summary
AAZER Egypt A web and mobile app where all of us invest $1-25 each month to change the lives of people we know every month.
Amylinize ( Alsokary) Egypt A platform that will empower population health management and make self-monitoring of blood glucose levels more effective using hardware and software and availing data to all stakeholders.
ApolloGreen Bahrain Provides a modular 5x3 automated greenhouse with a suitable environment to work, relax an grow several types of crops all year long.
Aquaponica Saudi Arabia Design and manufacture energy-efficient greenhouses with raft aquaponic systems that will produce fresh, premium, chemicals free food while saving water and energy.
Blink App/ BenaIT Egypt Blink App is an application that utilizes smartphones to automatically detect car crash and transmit assistance notifications while the crash is happening in less than 100ms.
CIVVIES Lebanon Tackles the local waste problem in a scalable and replicable model.
dox, Drone Operation eXtensions Lebanon Dox (Drone Operation eXtensions) are developing a platform that will allow IoT companies to monitor their batteries accurately in real time and safety critical environments with the use of machine learning algorithms. Their APIs aims at eliminating any surprises when it comes to the battery, making the core of each application rock solid and reliable
LightSense Automation Lebanon Lightsense Automation is a single platform of hardware and software that simplifies environment monitoring, security and automation with 3 simple steps using a light bulb as a controller, a cloud platform and mobile applications
marj3 مرجع Egypt An online platform that offers information and consulting about opportunities, scholarships and studying abroad.
MeemApps Jordan The only Arabic online dictionary specialized in business.
Nanogreen Egypt NanoGreen Tex provides a green method for diminishing disease transmission and thus enhancing people’s lives. NanoGreenTex is a nano-enabled technology designed to fit-in the manufacturing process without extra equipment thus rendering the process cost-effective.
Odai Karsou Corp (OKC) Saudi Arabia Odai Karsou Corp (OKC) introduces a latex band-aid with two symmetric “L” shaped parts that replaces the traditional stitching process by closing the wound using physical mechanic without piercing the skin .
Packageha بكجها Saudi Arabia A new e-commerce company specialized in customized packaging design and product through an online platform and smart applications.
Power-Up Blinds Egypt Power-Up Blind is an ingenious product that harvest RF energy using regular textile window blinds integrated with conductive fabrics & threads, and simple electronic circuit. Power-Up Blind harvest RF energy and convert them to useful DC power 24 hours 7 days a week, with minimal cost, maintenance costs as a regular blinds, and friendly environmental impact.
Protect Me Tunisia Protect Me is a smart insole and a mobile application that aims to prevent an aggravation of Foot Ulcer that leads in severe cases to amputation of the foot. We offer to diabetic people suffering from Foot Ulceration a real-time monitoring of the foot behavior, pain relief treatment and doctor follow-up.
Smart Farm Sudan Developing new products for farmers and farm owners to boost the agricultural productivity.
Smart Interactive Breadboard (SIB) Lebanon Manages and organizes the way electronics and robotics classes are taught.
SmartCollect United Arab Emirates Utilizes ultrasonic sensors to be installed in the garbage container to measure the level/amount of waste inside.
Sodioum Jordan A fully automated inventory and warehouse management system.
Speetar Libya An innovative telecommunication platform linking under-served patients in the region to language-cultural matched specialists practicing within their country or abroad.
Spica Tech Academy Lebanon Spica Tech Academy, is an offline and soon will be an online learning platform, where kids and teens learn how to code, to game design, and to create digital arts.
WaterPalm United Arab Emirates Extract water from air in an efficient, cost-effective and aesthetic manner.
فيرابيوتِك - VRapeutic Egypt VRapeutic is a research-based software company specializing in the development of VR-based therapeutic solutions. The proposed company is expected to work side by-side, and offers its services, through public and private hospitals, rehabilitation centers, residencies for the elderly, and private clinics.
لسان Libya Lesan is a system composed of software and hardware that function together with the aim of helping mute people interact easily with the rest of the world.
Lesan consists of special gloves and a phone App that interact together to read, translate and process sign language to spoken words